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#Prayfor... 🙏🏿 🙏🏽 🙏🏻 🙏 🙏🏼

My 6 years old son is not an early bird, he is an early elephant. At least that's how his footsteps sounds like at 5 a.m., while everyone else is still trying to get some sleep in. He goes from zero to 💯, once he wakes up. No transitional period, he's all energy, ready to go! He's been that way from birth.

After he had turned 5, I figured I can get him to start his day productively and buy the rest of us some time to sleep a bit more. So I created a daily routine for him for those early hours. "Son, when you get up, begin your day with Prayer. Then, read the children's Bible. Then color your Spider-Man coloring book.... If we're still sleeping when you've done all these, please don't wake us up." The first time I sent him to pray, he was done before I could even lay back down.... It was like 5 seconds - kid you not! "Boy, I said go pray!". "I did already, dad... 😀". "Impossible!", I thought, "what are you.... Flash?!". 😂😂. At that point, it was obvious he need some guidance.

I have never seen the hashtag #PRAY (#prayfor....), as much on social media as in the past several weeks. I have witnessed this call to prayer from both religious and non-religious people alike, especially on the wake of a major tragic event; and boy, have we seen an influx lately - from hurricanes and earthquakes to mass shootings massacre. Perhaps posting #pray is a way of signifying empathy and condolences; or maybe it's a cry out to something or someone more powerful and sovereign whenever we are confronted with our weakness in the face of unimaginable evil. Whichever the case, it would be at least wise to address a few questions or implications tagged to the suggestions to #pray.

Does Prayer real work? To whom am I supposed to make my request? Or is praying, in of itself, an act that evokes some cosmic energy and force? Is there a type of prayer that get answered as opposed to others?

I even wonder what percentage of those who post #pray on their social media timeline actually take the time to do so.

One question for those who truly want to pray but don't know how would be, "is there a manual?" This question is in line with what the disciples of Jesus were thinking when they asked him to teach them to how to Pray. "Yo Master, every time you Pray, major things happen.... We're talking, blind get vision, sick get healed, hungry get fed, even the dead are raised... I mean, can we get some of that mojo... We would like our prayers to rise beyond these trees 🌲 for a change... Ya feel me, big Guy?" Okay, maybe the disciples didn't sound like Italians from Brooklyn. Nonetheless, Jesus'response to his disciples is what we now commonly referred to as, 'The Lord's Prayer". It is however, more like a model Prayer - a guide for the heart that wills to sincerely interact with God.

About two years ago, I wrote a screenplay with the same title (The Lord's Prayer). The production of the film is currently on hold, awaiting adequate funds. Contrary to general presumptions from the title, this film is not my attempt to tell a religious story. Rather, my intent is to show, dramatically, through the life five different families, the relevance of that Prayer in our daily lives. The Prayer begins with "our Father"; fathhood is a major topic, issue, crisis in our society today. How many broken hearts 💔 are longing for the healing only a good, good father can deliver. Well there is a perfect Father, "in Heaven. "Your will be done"... What is God's will for our lives and do we desire that, or is it frightening? Like arranged marriage to a perfect opposite of your dream spouse 👰👰🏼🤵🏼🤵🏾😂. Fundamentally, God's will is for us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Last time I checked most people were still advocate for Love. "Give us this day our daily bread"... Humans need provisions to sustain the body, soul and spirit, daily. "Forgive us... as we forgive others..." Who doesn't need Forgiveness? I need Forgiveness like breakfast, lunch and dinner 😂😂😂.... I need from God and from my neighbor especially for that time when... (Okay, nosey 👃 people 😂). Forgiving others is just as imperative for wholeness as an individual and as a society. It is not easy, but possible through persistent prayers to God for strength to extend mercy. "Lead us not into Temptations...". This is a biggie! Temptations just never seems to go away for good. It lingers around live that persist sales person, constantly abusing my phone with calls. Temptations has lead to the fall of many Greats in the past. Knowing I am just a man, I daily bow my knees and pray for God's power to overcome, as husband, father, leader etc. I pray, "Lead me in the path of righteousness for your name sake".

In Light of the Las Vegas shooting/massacre, I believe we all do appreciate the next part of the Prayer, "Deliver us from evil". Whether from the devil, wicked people, frienemies or even the evil within.... Lord deliver us! #PrayforLasVegas

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