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"We are Storytellers". Established in 2014, Iyobosa Studios LLC is a Film company committed to building beautiful lives through the gift of storytelling. Iyobosa is a word in the Edo language (of the Benin tribe in Nigeria), which means, "the favor of God".


Christian Eghe Igbinovia is the founding member and CEO of Iyobosa studios. He was born and raised in Benin city, Edo State, Nigeria until the age of fifteen, when he migrated to New York, USA - where he has lived ever since. Christian spent nearly all of his years in Nigeria at Iyobosa Street, where he grew under the favor of the Lord, being raised by his mother, grandmother as well as the effort of other extended family members.

Iyobosa street is where the artistic gifts were ignited and where the dreams began. Dreams of traveling to the United States, the beautiful land of abounding opportunities. Though Christian left Iyobosa ( favor of God) street in his teenage years, the favor of the Lord never departed from him. The Journey continues.

Christian is married to Patience Ama Igbinovia, a virtuous woman, who is also a founding member of Iyobosa Studios LLC. They are united in love and in the vision for the company.


The vision of Iyobosa studios is to impact the world through multimedia art forms. In a world where definitions are not lucid, this company hopes to effectively reveal and inspire true LOVE. God is Love.


In addition, the mission of Iyobosa studios is to demonstrate the beautiful love of God to humanity in very practical ways, such as providing relevant assistance to the poorest people in many communities. 

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© Iyobosa Studios LLC 2014

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